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    Hi again,

    According to the amazon site, the new release of series one is 650
    minutes duration. If this is correct, it's not good news.

    Series one is 15 episodes and at 50 minutes each (the time allocated
    when the BBC originally broadcast the episodes in 1971) the total
    length should be approaching 750 minutes. If you allow a couple of
    minutes for BBC "ads" between programmes and say each episode,
    including titles, actually ran for 47/48 minutes, this would make the
    total for series one just over 700 minutes. (I hope this makes sense
    to everyone!)

    By the way, according to the box, the Dutch Memphis Belle version of
    series one is 627 minutes (this is the same as the version released
    on video by the BBC in the early 1990s and Playback on DVD three or
    four years ago). This at least implies the 2 Entertain release is
    different to those previously available in Europe. I really can't
    believe a company is going to release the BBC video/Playback
    DVD/Memphis Belle DVD shortened version yet again as hardly anyone
    would buy it!!

    Hopefully, the DVD duration on amazon is an error.

    And in reply to Bill's message yesterday, as far as I'm aware the
    Memphis Belle releases of series three and four are uncut i.e. as
    originally broadcast by the BBC though I have to admit that I've
    still not watched these (lack of time, definitely not lack of desire!)

    Have a good weekend everyone.


    in reply to: Series 1 and 2 DVDs – a review. #848
    — In, "Bill"
    <william.whittaker1@…> wrote:

    > Series 1 episodes 1 – 15.
    > Are on 4 DVDs. The episodes have been joined together to form 4

    parts, one on each disc. Comparing them with the original separate
    stories as they were transmitted there does not appear to be anything
    missing. The edit would appear to be just the opening and closing
    titles. Except that is, for a notable exception – the omission of
    episode 12 "Cry of the Blackbird". The exact reasons why this was cut
    is not clear (and "Bloody Week" from series 2, more later).

    > Series 2 episodes 16 – 29.
    > Again as with series 1 these are all the episodes from series 2

    joined together then split to make up 4 parts one on each DVD. And
    once again an episode is omitted, namely 27 "Bloody Week".

    Hi all,

    In case anyone is thinking of getting the the Dutch version of Series
    1 & 2, please note that these are the same as the BBC and Playback
    versions in the UK. As well as not including the two episodes Bill
    mentions above, numerous cuts have been made, most fairly short.
    Similary with the Australian version released in 2005 (which claims
    to be the complete series – it isn't!)

    If you want the episodes in their entirety as originally broadcast on
    TV in the 1970s, you need to buy the two US/Canadian DVDS (available
    via amazon etc.), though only the first eight episodes of series one
    have been released. Hopefully, the rest of series one plus series
    two will one day be released in full.


    in reply to: Merry Xmas from the Hauraki Gulf,NZ #837
    — In, "cinedux2004" <dan.adams@…>

    > and here's hoping series 5 and 6 come out early 2007!


    A belated happy new year to everyone.


    in reply to: Important news for all the members of the group #685
    Excellent news. Thanks Bill.


    — In, "Bill Whittaker"
    <william.whittaker1@n…> wrote:

    > Deryck who originally set the group up has appointed me as


    > of this list.
    > We have encountered some unpleasant spam messages recently and


    > have been inappropriate things like links to betting and porn sites
    > placed on the list's webpage.
    > Starting right now the procedure for new members has been changed


    > that I have to approve anyone before they can join the list. Also
    > their first posting will be approved before it appears on the list,
    > this will mean that 99% of spam messages will be eliminated.
    > Also I've been to the management page and removed the previously
    > mentioned links that were on there. When I have some time I'll go
    > back through the message archive and get rid of any more I find
    > there.
    > None of the above will affect existing members in any way, you can
    > carry on posting and reading messages in the normal way. I hope


    > will make everyone's enjoyment of our group better.
    > Bill.

    in reply to: References to the Onedin in popular culture? #670

    Oh I agree with you, Fiona, that from my vague
    memory of seeing the scene in the 70s, the Onedin take off was a long way from
    being one of the Two Ronnies best efforts.  Having said that, I'd still v
    much like to see it again.

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    Sent: Friday, November 11, 2005 2:45
    Subject: [shiponedingroup] Re: References
    to the Onedin in popular culture?


    I may be drummed out of the group for saying
    this (!) but I don't
    think the sketch quite matched up to the dizzy
    heights of 'fork
    handles' , 'pispronounciation' or the 'Morris Dancers' so
    I would very
    much doubt if it will be on VHS/DVD

    With apologies to
    our members who have absolutly no idea who the 'Two
    RoRonnies' are or to
    what I am referring above!

    > The script
    of the Onedin sketch is included in a book of scripts
    > Two
    Ronnies/Ronnie Barker.
    > Does anyone know if the sketch is
    included in any of the Two Ronnies
    > videos/DVDs?

    in reply to: References to the Onedin in popular culture? #667
    — In, "bty261364"
    <fiona.j.hall@b…> wrote:

    > — Well I am not sure if this is quite what you mean, but I once


    > a 'Two Ronnies' sketch where of course Ronnie Barker was Baines and
    > Ronnie Corbett (plus amazing sideburns! ) was a rather diminutive
    > James. Can't quite remember the storyline but every time 'Baines'


    > or entered the cabin the contents of a bucket of water was thrown


    > him!
    > Fiona

    The script of the Onedin sketch is included in a book of scripts from
    Two Ronnies/Ronnie Barker.

    Does anyone know if the sketch is included in any of the Two Ronnies


    in reply to: UKTV Drama #585
    I have received a reply from UKTV Drama re broadcast of Onedin Line:

    Unfortunately the rest of the series of The Onedin Line was pulled from
    the schedule in October due to contractual reasons. We are pleased to
    advise you that we will be showing episodes 4 & 5 on the 29th and 30th
    December at 12.00 and 18.00. The rest of the series will be on from the
    10 January at 12.00 and 18.00

    I asked about the later series being broadcast but this wasn't referred
    to in the reply.


    in reply to: Any one got a response? #661
    It wasn't just the last episode UKTV Drama didn't show, it was the last
    three of series two.


    — In, "ss9slbee" <Ss9slb@h…> wrote:
    > Did anyone manage to get an explanation out of UKtv for the shocking
    > mistake they made on Tues the other's were bad enough but to just not
    > show the last epsiode of series 2. Was it complete ignorance or do
    > they have a reason?

    in reply to: Anyone else noticed the cockup? #658
    Well, at least UKTV Drama broadcast the right episodes from series 2
    on Sunday. I thought I was going crazy when I checked the video
    Thursday night and found an early series one episode on the tape.
    And when they did the same on Friday …..!!!!

    And no I've not had a single response to any of my emails re
    broadcasting the other series.

    Let us know what they say about series three – if they call you back!


    — In, "picameron" <jnk@p…> wrote:
    > Yep they sure are stupid , I rang them up and they said I wasn't
    > first to do so and promised to call me back on monday to let me
    > what has happened.
    > I assume no one has had a reply to emails about the series 3 – the
    > end , I have sent loads of emails without a reply.
    > Whilst I was on the phone I asked about series 3 etc and they said
    > they would ask about that as well – maybe everyone in the group
    > ring instead of emailing and see if we get anywhere.
    > — In, "ss9slbee" <Ss9slb@h…>
    > > Well I must admit UKTV Drama have made a classic blunder, tune in
    > > watch series 2 and what's this get the series 1 episodes instead?
    > Well
    > > it made me chuckle but then I'm lukcy to have them on dvd I pity
    > > poor people who set their video's to record thurs and fri nites
    > > episodes, talk about getting a wee bit confused. Anne and James
    > > together….Without even a hint of a breakup…And back to find a
    > new
    > > warehouse…
    > >
    > > To make such a mistake once and not realise it was bad ennough
    > to
    > > make it two nights in a row…Well someone isn't doing their job
    > > properly!

    in reply to: the Blackbird #654

    I think Anne was crying at the end of the episode
    not so much because of James' actions but from reaction to what she had just
    gone through.  She must have been
    disappointed that someone she had believed in hadn't proved to be worth
    her support, especially when it had meant her opposing James; followed by
    the shock of him holding her hostage but most of all to seeing the man set on
    fire.  Most 19th century women would have fainted in horror after her
    experience!  So it's not at all surprising for her to collapse in

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    Sent: Friday, September 23, 2005 6:13
    Subject: [shiponedingroup] the

    I finally saw it the othter day, and it does seem a bit
    hokey altough i
    enjoyed it all the same.  Pamela Salems Emma does
    seem a bit dim whne
    she asks Daniel if Eliz is a "fallen woman"... surely
    our beloved Eliz
    does not look like one?

    Was a bit confused by the
    ending, why was Anne crying her heart out? 
    Surely she's used to
    James putting profit before people by now! I had
    actually thought that
    james mihgt not have agreed to carrying the
    islanders to slavery, since if
    it got out it mihgt have led to trouble
    for him, if for no other
    reason.  Look at the ep in Series 2 wehre he
    finds that his passager
    is a slave trader and he puts the slaves

    in reply to: onedinline #637
    Good question. That's something we'd all like to know!

    No news as yet from UKTV Drama.


    — In, pc <jnk@p…> wrote:

    in reply to: the eps on UK Drama #630

    Thanks v much for the info.

    Yes I had noticed the 5.00 am broadcast had less ads but it also had
    a shorter timeslot. I've taped the 11.00 am, 5.00 am (for Marianne,
    not me!) and Sunday broadcasts. I have done a quick check of 'Frisco
    Bound and the same cuts were made in all three broadcasts.

    I guess there's a chance that when series one and two are shown again
    in September, they might restore the cuts/have different cuts but I
    very much doubt it. Very, very annoying!


    — In, "Bill"
    <william.whittaker1@n…> wrote:

    > Diana,
    > I just checked 2 episodes the BBC broadcast repeated during the 50

    year anniversary of the beeb (IIRC 1986?)

    > The running time for episodes 3 (Other Points Of The Compass) and 4

    (The High Price) were according to the TCM on the video machine 49
    minutes 10 seconds (give or take few seconds difference), this is
    from the beginning of the opening title to the end of the closing
    title. I have a few more of these original from the beeb episodes
    along with the closing credits of the Clothes Show. I'll check the
    running times on those when I'm feeling bored.

    > Anyhow. From UK Drama, with all the adverts edited out and again

    from opening to closing titles, Ep 3 is 46 minutes 43 seconds, Ep 4
    is 47 minutes 15 seconds.

    > Quickly looking through a sample of all the UK Drama episodes the

    run times are all in this area. Something around 2 minutes would
    appear to be missing from every one of them.

    > One thing I did notice when editing and did not check on was that

    the repeat episode broadcast early in the morning only had 1.5 minute
    advert slots instead of the usual 3-4 minute ones during the day.
    (I'd recorded this because I messed up editing one of the daytime
    slots and needed the first 25 minutes of it) I did not check however
    if the overall running time was different, I doubt it was, as they
    would not bother to do a different edit for that slot? The extra time
    was probably filled up with upcoming programme information or

    > Bill.

    in reply to: the eps on UK Drama #626

    Re not including Bloody Week in the videos, I guess
    there wasn't room for all the episodes and it was decided to omit one episode
    from each series and also make cuts to the others so each series would fit on
    four videos.  They probably picked on Bloody Week because it is (in my
    opinion anyway) the weakest of the second series and, other than the
    Elizabeth/Albert angle, is pretty much a stand alone story so its omission
    wouldn't affect the continuing storylines.
    In terms of the cuts made by UKTV Drama, if you
    watch the BBC video of 'Frisco Bound and compare, you'll see that the scene
    with Anne & James in the cabin of the Charlotte Rhodes before she sails is
    totally cut as well as the scene when the ship returns and James walks down the
    gangplank and kisses Anne.  I particularly noticed those two cuts as
    'Frisco Bound is one of my fav episodes and UKTV Drama ruined the episode for
    I've only watched 2/3 episodes in their entirety so
    far but
    I think every episode has been cut by I
    guess two to three minutes.  Bill, I would be interested to know how much
    has been cut when you get round to checking your old tapes.  When the BBC
    originally broadcast series one and two in 1971 and 1972, each episode had a
    fifty minute timeslot with opening and ending credits.  However, this
    would also have included a bit of time for BBC programme trailers so each
    episode in its entirety is probably approx. 48 minutes.

    —– Original Message —–
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    Sent: Saturday, July 30, 2005 10:42
    Subject: [shiponedingroup] the eps on UK

    Hi, now that its finsished I must say that I've enjoyed
    although i have most of htem on video anyway.  I havnt
    noticed cuts -.

    even my partner who didn't like it much has takne to
    watching and
    saying that he was grwowing to enjoy it a lot...
    it was
    good to see the French ep which i havene't seen since i was a
    child, it
    was a bit "Allo Allo" in some ways but still it was very
    I had to giggle when elizabeth sold the potatoes to teh
    Prussian captain..
    surely Eliz cuold have offered him soemthing

    I wonder
    if it was dropped from the videos becuase it did show James
    as a bit more
    kindly and principled than he usually is and they felt
    it wwas a bit out
    of character. 

    does anyone have any


    in reply to: UKTV Drama episodes #621

    Hi Bill,
    In case you've not found the third series on
    Take your pick!

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    —– Original Message —–
    Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 11:28
    Subject: Re: [shiponedingroup] UKTV Drama
    Diana, Marianne,

    Not found it on ebay,
    will have another look tonight when I have a bit of free time, found it on  ok but I can't figure
    out how to order it – my liguistic skill in Dutch being zero. € 24,99 for
    the whole series 3 seems a reasonable price though.

    Again when I have a little time to while away,
    I'll check the running time from my old tapes against the UK Drama broadcasts
    (ads removed) on a couple of episodes to see how much is cut.


    in reply to: Pound and Pint #612

    Hi Bill,
    I think it's likely that UKTV Drama are going to
    show the episodes again during September so you can record it yourself then with
    a bit of luck.  Wind Blows Free is being shown again on 31 August and I'm
    assuming they will continue with the rest of series one and two. The September
    schedule should be available any day now so will let you know.
    If not, I have recorded all the episodes, though on
    VHS not DVD.
    Has anyone watched 'Frisco Bound on UKTV
    Drama?  I watched the episode this morning and couldn't believe the cuts
    they made in the episode.   They're doing a worse job than the BBC did
    to the videos!
    By the way, I haven't had a reply to my message to
    UKTV re showing the later series but I remember they were quite slow at
    responding when I emailed them previously.

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    —– Original Message —–
    Sent: Friday, July 22, 2005 10:38
    Subject: [shiponedingroup] Pound and
    Is there anyone on here that recorded Pound and
    Pint from UK Drama either as VHS or (preferably) DVD who could send me a
    good quality copy?
    I missed this episode because of a power failure
    in my area.
    I'm happy to pay costs postage / tapes /
    disc etc or swap any episodes of the series broadcast by UK Drama, I have
    all the other episodes broadcast so far in DVD quality so can make a very
    good VHS or a DVD copy as a swap.

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