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    When I watched the Onedin Line on t.v. as a new series it made an
    impression on me that I only renewed in the last couple of years. It
    was then that I realised how difficult it was to get the DVD's of the
    episodes after Series 1&2. Eventualy I collected all the series on
    dvd. They were copies of the Dutch versions, but better than
    nothing. Originally I caught some of the episodes weekly but detailed
    story lines and characters I had forgotten about so collecting the
    series years later made me appreciate what a great series this reallly
    was. Remiss of the BBC not to record these and update to dvd for
    todays viewer and it is surprising that they have not repeated all the
    episodes. The Forsyth Saga has been revisited a few times and while
    it was entertaining did not have the grit and interest of the Onedin Line,
    which captured the seafaring lives of the characters of an isleland
    nation. I did remember most of the first two series which I think that
    I enjoyed the most.

    There is a couple of questions I would like to ask of others in this
    group with the interest in the Onedin Line stories…..Doreen

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