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    Hello Dino,
    firstly a warm welcome to ShipOnedinGroup!

    The Scotch Lass was a floating kettle ( Robert Onedin's expression).

    The steamer had three different names in the story of The Onedin Line.
    1. The Golden Nugget
    2. The Anne Onedin
    3. The Scotch Lass

    Actually it was the steam ship, James asked Albert Frazier to design
    for The Onedin Steamship Company in series two firstly called The
    Golden Nugget

    The series three begins with the launching of this steamer and it
    was named The Anne Onedin as a memory of the first Mrs. Onedin, who
    died in childbirth.

    In the series three when James has difficulties rising the money to
    pay costs of The Anne Onedin to Frazier's shipyards, Albert's father
    took the steamer to his own ownership and renamed the steamer as The
    Scotch Lass.

    In a reality The Scotch Lass was Carlotte Rhodes.
    Alison McLeay writes in her book "The world of the Onedin Line":

    Charlotte Rhodes is no means James Onedin's only vessel (although
    with a quick change of name-plate she has been several of them –
    Scotch Lass, Caledonia, Oberon, Cardiff).

    I hope this information will answer your question about The Scotch

    Best wishes Maija

    Maija, Thanks a bunch for that nice welcome & the great info on the
    Scotch Lass. (I see I was also a bit off with the name. I know time
    has clouded my memory, buy at least I was close!) You certainly
    answered my question (& a few others I hadn't thought of!).


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