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    Just a bit of history that I found on the ship. Quite interesting.

    Name: Charlotte Rhodes
    Former Names: Christian, Meta Jan, Eva
    Registered Port: Amsterdam
    Nation: NL
    Type of Rigging: 3-mast Toppselgelschoner
    Year built: 1904
    Overall Length: 39.62 m (130.74 ft)
    Length (hull): 26.94 m (88.90 ft)
    Breadth: 6.64 m (21.91 ft)
    Draught: 2.35 m (7.75 ft)
    Sail Area: 344 m 2
    Ship's hull: Holz/Wood
    Power: 210 PS
    Engine: Rolls Royce

    She was launched under the name "Christian" this vessel operated as
    a cargo sailing ship and motor vessel under the name "Meta Jan" until
    the late 60s. At that time she was bought by Jim 'Mac' Mackreth in
    1968 whose family restored the ship rigging her as a topsail schooner.
    Up until 1975 she was used for periods by the BBC for the Onedin Line
    series and was also chartered for PR purposes as well by sailing
    enthusiasts. However in 1975 a heavy storm caused severe damage to
    the ship's hull making her unseaworthy. At that time she was sold to
    Dutch owners who used her in inland and sheltered waters. Tied up in
    Amsterdam in 1979 the ship was destroyed as the result of an arson
    Just a bit of trivia for this group.

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