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    I have been keeping these 10 minute sailing supplement videos titled “the running tide” (TRT) on onedrive. Onedrive (called skydrive then) created a shortened URL to those TRT files. i posted the URL here years ago and several Onedin Line (TOL) fans downloaded them, 15 .WMV files totalling almost 700 megabytes. Onedrive does not explain why the URL no longer works. I will upload TRT to the Media Library here if that’s OK.

    The production of “the running tide” had nothing to do with “The Onedin Line”. The first time I saw TOL was on North Carolina PBS and the scheduler there filled the last 10 minutes of each TOL hour with an episode of TRT.

    I’m sorry google can’t find better copies. Even searching on (PBS New Orleans, the producers of TRT) does not find the title.

    Here’s my .txt file describing the series. The URL Dino found still works.
    file size min:sec file type
    The Running Tide 1 sails & ships 56,617,094 09:45 .WMV 640×480
    The Running Tide 2 navigation 52,264,818 09:00 ”
    The Running Tide 3 Superstition 48,952,614 08:26 ”
    The Running Tide 4 Arts 44,848,350 07:42 ”
    The Running Tide 5 crimping 46,112,428 07:55 ”
    The Running Tide 6 steam 49,912,668 08:35 ”
    The Running Tide 7 railroads 34,575,726 05:57 ”
    The Running Tide 8 steamboat women 36,975,870 06:22 ”
    The Running Tide 9 smuggling, piracy 47,072,491 08:05 ”
    The Running Tide 10 luxury steamers 38,399,957 06:36 ”
    The Running Tide 11 mutiny, duties 43,864,299 07:33 ”
    The Running Tide 12 slave ships 44,624,341 07:40 ”
    The Running Tide 13 medicine 53,088,869 09:08 ”
    The Running Tide 14 American Civil War 46,032,425 07:54 ”
    The Running Tide 15 sea chanties 7,307,642 07:36 .MP3 audio only

    “The Running Tide” was broadcast on PBS ~1977 with one TRT video playing after each “The Onedin Line” episode. Two hours of TOL+TRT were broadcast on the same night and I recorded them all on a color VTR. There was no time to rewind the 1 hour 7″ reel of videotape, I just removed the first takeup reel, and put on an empty reel and threaded a new full reel to get the second hour.

    PBS broadcast only seasons 1 & 2 of TOL. The subjects of TRT were approximately matched to themes of TOL during season 1 but I guess TRT had already been produced independently. During season 2 TOL they repeated one of the 15 TRT videos that were already broadcast following a season 1 TOL.

    The 15 TRT episodes I recorded are the only ones I know. I made up the filenames since they show no titles.
    Dino’s search located a VHS copy of several episodes in a Philadelphia museum library

    That’s all I know about the production of TRT. The only credits say

    Produced by WYES New Orleans
    for SECA
    Southern Educational Communications Association

    Here’s why the video quality is so low. It was an antenna broadcast ~1977, to my trick TV with composite video & audio output, to Panasonic 3160 VTR, then in early 1980’s copied to VHS cassettes in 6 hour mode. Age VHS for 30 years and age VCR’s for 20 years. The VCR output signal today is often glitchy enough to shut down my 640×480 AD, and even the 320×240 AD can’t compensate for frames that are defective. There was no useable video in the output of TRT15 so I only saved the soundtrack as .MP3. Conceivably the 4 VHS cassettes that include TRT videos could be professionally cleaned and transferred to DVD (that costs $40 per cassette) and that would recover TRT with better video.

    I don’t plan on doing an Onedin Line website. If you want these videos on your Onedin etc website please take copies. I
    expect I will not delete these from my public skydrive

    until I know they’re established elsewhere.

    – Lee Bonnifield


    Hi Lee,

    it is OK to upload the files to the Media Library.


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