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    No continuation of `The Onedin Line' after series one…
    All our petitions to NDR…for nothing…it's very sad :-((
    I've received the following e-mail from NDR:
    Dear Onedin-Fans,

    we have negotiated with BBC about purchase more episodes, but
    unfortunately without success.
    There are no more episodes in NDR program, at least for this year.
    Our financial budget is not adequate for purchasing.
    We are sorry that we must give this negative reply to all fans.
    As a consolation the Enlish original episodes are buyable by AMAZON.
    And who want not at all live without the ONEDIN's can refresh his
    english knowledges.

    With friendly regards
    Sabine Kirjakov
    NDR editorial office

    They have money for any tv trash, but not for this great series!!!


    Dear Mathias!

    Many thanks to you for that information. Oh very bad news indeed. I thought I could complete my Germany collection of OL now ;-).

    BTW: your Onedin homepage is excellent – great work, many, many thanks to you.


    Peter in Vienna

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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