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    Hello All,

    We receieved next weeks Radio Times (British TV Listings Magazine)
    today and I found something which may be of interes. Though cannot
    say positively yet….

    BBC4 are showing a documentary series on Sunday Nights about good old
    fashioned Sunday Viewing called The Cult of Sunday

    There would appear to be 8 episodes and 8 different series were
    highlighted in the accompanying article in the Radio Times.

    The series kicks off on Sunday with All Creatures Great and Small.

    I quote….

    Archaeology series unearthing the history and anecdotes behind cult
    Sunday night dramas looks at All Creatures Great and Small.

    The second series in the article was the Onedin Line. So here's
    hoping something to see for those of you who are able to recieve
    BBC4 in a couple of weeks time.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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