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    Been away on holiday for a couple of weeks so
    catching up on my mail. I've not got my DVDs of series 4 yet. For me it is very
    good news that these are now available as my recordings of this series were done
    on a ropey old VCR I had at the time. So I'll be glad to replace
    I also need 2 episodes from series 5, "When Trouble
    Comes" and "Rescue" to replace my bad versions then I have a complete
    series 5 on DVD, So if anyone has good quality tapes with these 2 episodes I'll
    do a swap. You lend me the tapes and I'll send them back to you along with the
    complete series 5 on DVDs or whatever else we can agree on.
    Since it seems unlikely that further series will be
    released in the near future I may be persuaded to do "swaps" for other
    TV series or maybe just for the cost of covering materials and postage, if
    anyone is interested. 

    Almost all the rest of the series episodes of the
    whole series I have in good enough quality to transfer to DVD, (my "just for
    fun" mail should give an idea of the quality I
    must add another clip to this). I think there are possibly 2 more episodes in my
    collection which are ok to watch but fall below what I regard as acceptable
    for DVD, IIRC these are "No Smoke Without Fire" and "Storm Clouds"  there
    might be one or two more.

    I've noticed that UK Drama is at the moment running
    series 1 The Onedin Line. At the moment it is up to episode 13 Shadow of Doubt
    (today 4 to 5 pm BST). So if anyone needs to needs to fill in some gaps in their
    collection time to get the recorder dusted off. 

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