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    Many Yahoo Groups have transferred to IO Groups. This has been with all content messages, imges and files etc. The IO folk do the work.

    However IO have just raised thier fees!!.

    But the big group that I do know was successfull was the very active OTRR (Old Time Radio Researchers) group.

    Meanwhile I will point out again that the mst valuable part of a Yahoo Group is the membership, that is the email addresses of members. They should be downoade and saved.

    BTW there is also advice from Yahoo that in order to retain the email functionality of a Yahoo Group every member needs to log in and change the profile settings to receive emails – not special messages etc., but emails from other members.

    After Dec 14. all content will be removed, files, database, images, archive of previous messages, etc.


    On Thursday, 31 October 2019, 16:59:21 GMT, [peel] <> wrote:

    I've set up a mailman list with the Yahoo archives, I don't know if this
    is a good solution as replacement for the mailing list, but at least we
    can use this to keep the archives on-line.

    You can find it here:

    I've imported about half of the archive, but I can add the rest as well.

    As a replacement for the mailing list I think it would be best to create
    a Peel group at, without transferring any content or members.

    This would probably be more reliable and faster than using the mailman
    list that I set up.

    I've also uploaded the Yahoo archives in "mbox" format that I downloaded
    from Yahoo, it's on the Mooo server in the Misc folder.


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