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    I've located that episode in my VHS library so that will be the one I'll
    start with.

    Diana, I believe I have your address somewhere, if I am successful shall I
    send you the disc, and would you be able to send a copy on to another list
    member? That way if each interested person did the same everyone should soon
    have a copy.

    Mathias, if you are running ftp, and as I am on broadband, I could try
    uploading the file. Then perhaps list members could download the file from
    your ftp? I would also be interested what TV card / software you are using
    as I could do with upgrading what I have.


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    > Nice idea, Bill, and good of you to offer to do this.
    > I'd like Ice and Fire (or is it Fire and Ice?) from series three.
    > Diana

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