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    Hi Carie,

    Marianne and I spent a weekend in Dartmouth last August and had a
    lovely time. Bayards Cove is an absolute must though it's a
    surprisingly small place. You can also visit the church where Anne &
    James were married (St Saviours I think which is right in the
    centre), Kingswear on the opposite side of the river Dart where
    several scenes were filmed, see some of the narrow paths that run up
    the hill behind the Cove, etc. If they are running at present and
    you have time, a boat trip up the river Dart is also well worth doing
    as the river was used quite often for filming i.e. it substituted for
    the Amazon! Blackpool Sands just outside of the town was also used
    in at least one scene, though we didn't get to see it this time.

    Dartmouth is a really lovely town even apart from the Onedin

    And keep your eyes open while you're in the town just in case you
    spot Anne and Peter! We didn't unfortunately.

    You can buy a number of really nice postcards of Bayards Cove and
    there are several picture shops worth visiting if you want a nice
    souvenir. So go prepared!

    We also stopped off at Exeter Quay briefly – this is also well worth
    visiting. There are several sites with info and pictures about the

    When I watch Onedin Line now I enjoy spotting the various familiar
    locations. It's fascinating how they mixed shots of Bayards Cove and
    Exeter Quay. You wouldn't know from watching the film that the two
    places are actually miles apart.

    While we're on the subject, has anyone been to Gloucester Quay?
    Marianne and I are intending to visit the town later in the spring.
    And is Milford Haven worth visiting in terms of Onedin locations?

    Have a great weekend, Carie. If you have any more specific
    questions, let me know and I'll try to answer.


    Thankyou so much for all your info, that has definately given loads to think about, as my time is short, I don't think I will be able to visit, Exeter as well, as it is about 40 miles i think from dartmouth, but when I visit again I will do the visit. I will definately look out for Peter and Anne, I heard they have a cottage there?? I can't wait to go now, I am really looking forward to it..
    Thanks again, and I will let you all see my pics when I get back, if you would like.

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