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    Greetings, All,

    I recently found your group while searching for info on the ships
    used during the filming of "The Onedin Line." It was a wonderful
    series that my father & I used to watch whenever we could.
    Unfortunately where we lived, it didn't start airing until 1978 (as
    happens in the colonies we lag greatly behind when it comes to
    British television). It also aired at 4:00 in the afternoon which
    made it rather difficult to watch at times, but we enjoyed every
    episode we were able to feast our eyes upon.
    While I was talking with several other tall ship lovers "The
    Onedin Line" naturally snuck in. I was amazed that many of them never
    heard of the series. With my interest in the series peaked again, I
    did some searching for info on the ships of the series. I have found
    a plethora of info on ships Charlotte Rhodes & Soren Larsen, but I've
    not found one shred of anything on the Scots Lass (Capt. Fogarty's
    ship?). I managed to exchange a few e-mails with Michael Billington
    (Fogarty himself) & he admits that most of his film work was done
    aboard the Charlotte Rhodes. Even the BBC's publicity department
    wasn't of any help (they sent info on the 2 aforementioned ships).
    So, is there anyone in the group who remembers any details about
    the Scots Lass? Things like what kind of ship she was (wood, steel,
    her sail rig, whether she had steam power, etc.). The last time I saw
    any episodes was in 1980 & my memory has fogged in with age. I would
    be grateful for any info anyone could provide.
    Thank you. It's great to see such a wonderful site dedicated to an
    equally wonderful series.
    Galactic Probe
    World Securities Corp.
    Probe Division

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