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    I thought series 2 was available from Memphis Bell on DVD.

    I'm tempted to get this.

    I don't think there will be any problem technically, but does anyone know
    how reliable the company is as far as shipping and delivery to the UK is

    I am always a bit wary as far as internet orders from Europe are concerned,
    had some bad experiences in the past. Stark contrast to stuff I have got
    from the USA which has always turned up within a week or so!

    I am sure there are professional services for transferring VHS tape to DVD,
    search or look in your local Yellow pages. Though I
    suspect it will cost much more than buying the commercial DVDs (if
    available). Also some services might be wary about BBC copyright programs.

    It is odd that the Onedin Line is not available in its entirety. I suspect a
    combination of it just being so big (90 odd episodes) and rights permissions
    and payment to the cast. I would personally be happy with a repeat now I am
    set up to capture to disc.


    I will need to redo "Danger Level" as simply re-encoding the version you
    have to make it play universally degrades the quality. It will be with
    series 4 when I start sending them.


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    > Hello Bill
    > Thanks for the reply. I ma afraid that even though our PC is very
    > new we do not have a video/TV card in it so the option is gone.
    > Though I expect someone can do it professionally along the lines
    > of 'transfer your old wedding cine film to VHS' that was around a
    > few years back!
    > I have the DVDs of series 1 from PLAYBACK as an insurance policy as
    > although the vidoes were not played for several years the children
    > discovered the series 2 years ago and it has become standard
    > Christmas viewing (nothing else decent on the box etc!!). Not that I
    > have had time to watch them as I can't just do it in little bursts
    > and tend to get engrossed….
    > I am hoping that series 2 comes out on DVD soon so I can sort out
    > the videos for that as they are getting a little stretched too. I
    > have been wondering about these DVDs from Memphis Belle but I am not
    > too sure about them.
    > I am not sure why the entire series is not out on video/DVD as other
    > good series such as 'Upsatirs Downstairs' are – why has it been
    > forgotten?
    > I have passed my address to Helga so I am hoping for an exciting
    > letter some time, as are the kids eho want to know 'what happens
    > next?'
    > Fiona

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