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    Hello to everybody!

    I joined this group yesterday and I would like to introduce myself.
    My name is Peter and I live in Vienna, Austria. My mother was
    British and I suppose, that this is the reason for my dedication to
    British TV-Series, especially this one ;-).

    My mom loved OL as well and I remember, that in the early 80's it
    was one of the TV highlights over here for both of us.

    I have recently purchased all of the available "OL" DVD's and really
    hope, that they will be continued soon.

    Many thanks to you for all the great information in the "files-
    section". I really loved to read all those articles and documents,
    especially about Jessica Benton (she was one of the actresses, for
    which I felt in love ;-))). BTW: Does anyone of you know, where to
    get autographs from Peter Gilmore and Jessica Benton? I really would
    love to have them ;-)).

    So that's all for the moment – I'm looking very forward to all of
    your replies.


    Peter (Ye olde cricketer ;-))

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