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    Hi, Im a new person – and LOVE the OL. I am irish by birth – I have
    lived abroad at times and have now been living in London for sevearl
    years. I have the videos of the series that BBC released a few years
    ago. Soem of them were eps which i had never seen. I woudl love to
    seee the rest of the series, is there any chance that it woudl be on
    UK drama some time? I beleive ti was on UK Gold or Drama a few years
    ago but I didn't have it then.

    Re the stories – I remember finding soem stories in a woman's mag
    years ago, but have lsost the mags naturally.. due to many moves!

    I'd love to read them properly.

    Re Bloopers, i haven't watched my videos in a while but is it correct
    that the Pamela Salem "Emma Callon" calls Callon her father? I
    thought that he introduced her to Fogarty as his neice? in the
    Onedin Line books, she is actaully his daughter, his only heir sicne
    his son was killed in a steamboat accident years before. So althogh
    she dislikes the idea of marriage, Callon pushes her inot marryign
    Daniel so that he has a son in law to run the business. The TV
    series is rather different as Callon dies in a warehouse fire with
    his son.

    Ohter Bloopers, James' wearing a wedding ring is a blooper in itself
    surely as men didn't usualy wear them in 19th C england?


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