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    Hello The ShipOnedinGroup and The Moderator Deryck,

    This is my first message to The Group even I joint already in the
    begining of August.

    So, thanks for inviting me, Deryck!

    I also LOVE Onedin Line and am a great fan of Anne Stallybrass and
    especially Peter Gilmore.

    During the past weeks I have already been mailing with some of the
    members and received lovely e-mails from them with the information I
    am looking for. So Deryck even, the Group is not yet very crowded it
    has been quite rewarding at least for me. It is such a big relief to
    know that I'm not the only person in this wide world , who is so daft
    to be crazy about Onedin Line.

    Because I come from Finland I didn't have so much information, about
    Anne & Peter only what was found in the Net. Now my knowledge about
    them is already much wider thanks to this Group.

    We were so lucky here in Finland last year when The Finnish
    Broadcasting Company (YLE) repeated all 91 episodes fot the first
    time after 1970s and 1980s when The Serie was originally screened. I
    have most of the episodes on my own videos now.

    To Bill about the picture The picture is from the serie number 7. If
    you haven't solve your puzzle yet I can help you a bit because I
    recognize some of the cast members. I now only remember as their
    names are in the serie. When I have time I can check the real names
    of the actors from my videos.
    Above Jessica is Seth Burgers (the steamship owner , who took
    Charlotta to Mediterranean Sea), Mrs Gibson (the housekeeper of James
    and Letty) and Mr.Dunwoody (the chief clerk of The Frazier Line).
    Behind Mrs Gibson is Charles Masterson (not sure about the spelling
    Elizabeth's lover). The young lady with white dress is an actress,
    who comforts Samuel arter Charlotta has left him, (cannot remember
    her name now before I look it from my videos) and on her right is her
    father an actor as well. Pöease let me know if you need my assistant.

    Hope the wind will be with us so we can trim our sails !

    Best regards from Helsinki, Finland



    A big welcome.

    The cast list (of the whole series, not just a particular episode) as I have
    it at the moment is:

    If anyone knows some more, post them on this list and I will add them to my


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