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    Hi everyone,

    Marianne and I really enjoyed our visit to Gloucester, though it was
    tiring as we left home at 6.30 am and didn't return until after 9.00
    pm. Thankfully, it didn't rain at all, in fact the sun even came out
    for a while.

    The first thing we did on arrival was join a walking tour of the
    docks. This lasted an hour and proved very interesting. Some of the
    docks area has already been restored and, as Richard mentioned, much
    of the rest is shortly to be renovated. However, it has been decided
    to leave one building in a rather dilapidated condition to be used
    for filming. And it was this building, we were informed, which had
    been used in The Onedin Line. Needless to say, we took a number of

    A couple of tall ships were tied up in the docks for restoration.
    Apparently, most of the work is carried out between the autumn and
    spring so don't go in summer if you hope to see any.

    We also had a forty-five minute boat trip down the canal, went round
    the National Waterways Museum, paid a quick visit to the cathedral
    and had a walk through the shopping centre.

    Marianne picked up a paperback copy of Malcolm Macdonald's "The
    Silver Highways" which was based on an idea by Peter Gilmore – the
    book has a dedication to him. We also bought a few postcards of the

    While we are very glad we visited Gloucester, it is certainly not
    Dartmouth or even Exeter. We would recommend the city to anyone
    wishing to see where The Onedin Line was filmed but whereas we are
    definitely going to pay another visit to Dartmouth, one was
    sufficient for Gloucester.


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