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    Hello Everyone ! [:)]

    To All Members,

    I want to let the Onedin Line Group be aware that they are 56 Episodes
    of the Programme on YOU TUBE, which I just happened to come across this
    week. I usually go often to check on various old programmes. At one
    point there were a few posted, but then they were taken off for some
    reason , I think by someone else.

    I thought it might be worthwhile mentioning to all the members who are
    interested. Maybe some are already aware.

    Due to health issues , I have not been on often on this site in a long
    time unfortunately.

    I greatly appreciate the person who goes by the name of Callzum 2 who
    kindly uploaded them, and I have used a psuedo-name to personally thank
    them for having done so.

    It would also be nice if you go to the site, and thank Callzum 2 for
    sharing a wonderfully loved BBC classic series for those of us who
    appreciate the British Programmes past and present. This may encourage
    someone else to post other great programmes in the future.

    Thank-You Members.

    Anna ( <> )

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