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    Well I have spent almost all of today trying to make Ice and Fire into an
    avi or mpeg file.

    Managed the video reasonably well, but I cannot get the sound in sync. I
    have tried several apps like TMPGEnc and altering sample rates in Cool Edit
    Pro altering every other setting I can think of but no success.

    Annoying because audio is something I do have some knowledge of, it is not
    just there is a regular mismatch the whole audio track appears to be
    compressed and expanded at random in the middle but still fits at the start
    and the end!

    I have decided that since I am using an ancient ATI TV card to capture for
    which there are no up to date drivers, I will put all this on hold until I
    buy a new card.

    Long overdue so should be sometime this week.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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