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    Hi all,

    I have posted an album called the above for you all to look at, I
    hope you all enjoy them!!!

    Btw I have also added a picture of Michael Billington and I taken
    last year when I met him, just thought you all might like to see it!!
    I always thought he was a handsome Fogarty! How I wished I was Emma
    Callon at times hee hee!! well enough of that…


    Hi Carie,

    wow, great pics, a lot of thanks to you!!!
    Especially the photo with Carie & Mike is very fine!!!
    I would like to make a holiday trip to Dartmouth and Exeter in the
    summertime of 2004. Some German Onedin fans have the idea to charter
    an original Onedin tall ship, for example the "Christian Radich", to
    visit the Onedin filming locations in England. We all hope we can
    realize it.




    It is definately well worth the trip, Dartmouth especially is a lovely little town, I was really taken with it.

    The picture with Mike, well I was so pleased to meet him, he was so nice, I spent a while talking to him, it was just so lovely!! I had a couple of kisses from him as well, that made my day I didn't expect that at all, he is a true gentleman!! and a really nice guy.






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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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