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    Bill asked what happened to Marc Harrison. I've just uploaded
    several articles about the cast from Dutch magazines which include a
    couple about Marc.

    Did you know that before The Onedin Line, Marc appeared in This Year
    Next Year with Anne Stallybrass?

    Details of the articles:

    Why William Must Die: Interviews with Marc and Laura Hartong,
    including explanation of why he wanted to leave Onedin.

    Three interviews from 1988: Peter, Marc and Laura were invited to
    Holland when The Onedin Line was repeated there. The one with Peter
    is funny in that he refers several times to "my wife" but no-where in
    the article is his wife's name mentioned – of course, it is Anne
    Stallybrass. The interviews with Marc and Laura provide details
    about what happened to them post-Onedin.

    Why Many Women Envy Me: Interesting interview with Jessica and her
    husband which also includes a nice piece about Peter & Anne.

    I hope you enjoy these but please bear in mind that the translations
    from Dutch have been done by me (with the aid of a dictionary) so
    there are gaps in the translations, some bits don't read too well and
    no doubt I have made lots of mistakes.


    Hi Carie et al,

    Thanks for your message. It's always nice to know one's efforts are
    appreciated. I've still got several Dutch articles to translate –
    just a lack of time in which to do this.

    I contacted the BBC shop myself earlier this week and got the reply
    that currently there are no plans to release further episodes on
    Onedin on video/DVD – boooooo. But it doesn't hurt to keep trying –
    if they realise there's a lot of interest, we might yet win them
    over. And I must pester UK Gold once again!!

    I have all the Radio Times issues with Onedin covers/articles (except
    Drama Playhouse). These will be made available in the hopefully not
    too distant future but for everyone's info now:

    Series one: One page colour article
    Series two: Anne & James front cover and three page article with
    Series three: James, Caroline & Leonora front cover and article
    including interview with Peter & the two actresses, and brief
    interview with Anne
    Series four: Drawing of ships on front cover and interview with
    Peter including picture of James & Elizabeth
    Series five: Sepia front cover of James and article
    Series six: Very minor piece
    Series seven: James & Soren Larsen front cover and article on the
    Series eight: Article re new cast and short history of James

    Bye for now

    Hi Diana,

    I'm very grateful for all new infos, thanks and a compliment to your
    hard work :-))


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