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    If it was possible to resurrect the Onedin Line, Liverpool's waterfront
    would now make a splendid location. Though shunned when the original series
    was filmed back in the 70s Liverpool Docks and waterfront have appeared in a
    number of period dramas in recent years. The latest will be shown on BBC 2
    this week.

    The Liverpool based sailing ship and Stanley Dock will appear in the BBC2
    Drama "Ruby in the Smoke" on December 27 between 20:30 to 22:05.

    The filming of "Ruby In The Smoke" took place during the summer of 2006 and
    comprises part of the BBC's four-episode series of the Sally Lockhart
    Mysteries being shot across the country.

    Stanley Dock was turned into an East London docklands scene for two nights
    only with a backdrop straight from the 1870s.

    Stars signed up for the drama include current Doctor Who heroine Billie
    Piper, who plays Sally Lockhart.

    She will pit her wits against Julie Walters in the series adapted from
    Philip Pullman's books, which will first be shown at Christmas.

    The swing bridge leading to the dock was raised for the first time in more
    than a decade to let the Zebu sail through.

    Some of the scenes filmed in Stanley Dock included handling cargo and
    hauling a corpse out of the murky waters.

    The rip-roaring tales are packed full of cut-throat villains and dastardly

    Speaking earlier in the year Susan Hanley Place, chief executive of Mersey
    Heritage Trust, said: "The BBC are getting pretty excited about filming the

    "The quay has been dressed up and looks exactly how it would have looked
    around 150 years ago.

    "It's a magnificent setting. "They went all over Britain and they couldn't
    find anything better suited than Stanley Dock.

    "The combination of the Zebu and Liverpool waterfront was telling and our
    pulling power was obvious."

    The Online Shipping Magazine

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