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Dear Marianne,
Yes, I for one, saw the programme mentioned above.  I taped it aswell–so it will join all my other Onedin Line memories !!  I thought, like you,
Marianne, that both Anne & Peter looked remarkably well despite the intervening years !!
Kind regards,
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Marianne van Hilten <> wrote:

Hi to all,
Did you also watch the Defining Shows yesterday evening on BBC4?
For those who didn’t I like to tell that there was a nice part, about 10 minutes, all about The Onedin Line.
In those economical bad days in the UK , or better say whole Europe , Onedin was something people were looked forward to each week.
The value was discussed and how the episodes were made, Anne and Peter talked about it as well as Peter Graham Scott. It was good to see how well Anne and Peter are these days, in fact they look the same only more than 30 years older.
For those who didn’t watch it…..yesterday was a repeat from earlier this month so it might be broadcasted again. I’ll keep an eye on the programming and inform you when there’s another repeat. For all the Onedin fans this programme is 100% worth to watch!!!!!!
Kind regards,