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> Hi Brian
> In answer to your query about the theme music, I have checked The
> Onedin Line single and also the reference to the music in the Radio
> Times Onedin Line magazine.
> The recording is by The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by
> Aram Khachaturian and is adapted by Anthony Isaacs.
> Copies of the single are still available from various sources i.e.
> eBay, specialist record shops, etc. It is a Decca release


> 1971 – reference ZDR 50509/F 13259
> Best wishes,
> Diana

Hi Diana,

Thanks for the info – I have a Decca compilation CD [466-710-2] with
a track described as: Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia, recorded by
The Vienna Phiharmonic conducted by Aram Khachaturian(no mention of
Anthony Isaacs). Duration is 9:09 – recording date is 1962..! Could
you tell me the duration of the 'single' version? Also, what exactly
do you mean by 'single' (e.g. Is it Vinyl?) Is 1971 the recoring date
or the release date?

Many thanks,