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> elsieh <elsie_h_99@…> wrote:
> Rina said: < As long as the DVD player is region free

there shouldn't be much trouble playing European DVDs. That's my
experience anyway. >

> The problem is the dvd player is not region free. I have tried to

find one or find a hack for my player but have not had any luck.

> Elsie in MD


My Sony DVD recorder is currently Region 2 but can be made region-
free if needed for about £25 (about $50) if I need this in the
future. As has been said, there may be a hack out there for you. The
other option is to buy a new region-free DVD player as prices are
tumbling. A Google search for "region-free DVD player" has brought up
over 1 million hits, and the first website I looked at had some very
cheap multi-region players, also several sites with hacks for
existing players.

Hope you have some luck,

Worcester UK.