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On 06/08/2007, at 1:18 PM, elsieh wrote:

> The problem is the dvd player is not region free. I have tried to
> find one or find a hack for my player but have not had any luck.

Yes, you get that! It's not solveable unless you can find a hack for
your specific player. The alternative is to buy a region-free player
– currently these are around $60 Australian (less in US$) so it's not
a huge outlay. I have a Telefunken one which is region-free and there
are other brands as well. The salespeople do not always tell the
truth (I've been caught) so check the actual machine before you hand
over your cash. There should be a little stylized world on the back
with either a O (zero) or perhaps a 9 or no picture of the world at
all. Or take a disk of another region with you to check it in the shop.

Also, I see questions about format too. NTSC or PAL. Both TV sets,
video tape players and DVD players will play either format without
any modification. This ability has been built into these machines for
at least 10 years since it's a matter of installing a chip which
covers both rather than fiddling in the factory putting chip A into
one order and chip B into another order. So buy either format with
confidence if your TV and player/s are less than 10 years old.

I amazes me that TV programmes, which were never in cinemas at all
and mostly now are not even on cable TV should be "regionalised". I
have TV programmes which are region-free and ones with varying
regions on them. My understanding was that the regions provided a
measure of protection for makers of films and cinema owners so that
people didn't have access to DVDs before the film had made its money
in a particular country. I don't see how that situation applies to TV
programmes! Perhaps someone on this list might have some definite
information on regions for ex-TV programmes.

And while I'm on regions and so on: I've finally found a Linux distro
which already contains the codecs to play commercial encrypted disks
on a computer; it's Mint main and available on an instal disk from On-
disk in the States. For those of us playing with Linux, getting those
codecs has proved a major headache.

It's great that Memphis Belle finally responded to someone. I, too
wrote and received not one word. I wrote again saying I'd heard they
were releasing season 5 and saying I was waiting to buy it.

Meanwhile … best regards to you all from Elaine in Brisbane, Australia