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Janet Gauntt

> Rina said < Elsie,
> Have you tried this website:
> ?
> This is where I found out that my dvd player had a region free

hack (which you can see because the URL leads to the dvd player I
have). But if you search for your type of dvd player, maybe it has
a solution.

> Good luck!
> Rina , I searched both of my dvd players and neither has a hack

at the moment.

> Elsie in MD
> elsie_h_99@…

I'm new to the group, hence the extremely tardy reply to this
thread. Your other alternative to purchasing a region free player is
to buy a piece of software which will copy a DVD regardless of region
encoding into other formats such as DivX or the iPod's mp4 format
without the region encoding. There are several available for all
platforms (Windows, Mac & Linux). The one I use is called "Fair
Use" (the name refers to the slightly tested legal principle that
one is permitted to make a copy of a legitimately purchased music or
video product if the copy will only be used for one's personal use).
The web site for this is

I've converted all of my region 2 disks using this utility.

— janet