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Hi Bill — You're right about the Onedin Line story never losing
anything in the retelling — we keep watching it here in USA/PA and it
always retains our interest. I enjoy reading the postings. Had a
question for you, though. How did you get all 91 episodes? I only have
52. Also have a note for Bill Scanlan Murphy — I have always loved
the music from Spartacus. I do hope someday I'll be able to get the
rest of it including the 2 series that you worked on. Melva Lee

From around October 1992 to 14th July 1994 the whole series was repeated on
a satellite TV channel here in the UK. I recorded all of them except for
some I already had from a previous BBC repeat in 1984 which was of the first

The technical quality of some of these off-air recordings leaves something
to be desired, fortunately most if the bad ones are now replaced by the
commercial releases of series 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The last repeats in the UK were IIRC on UKTV Drama in 2005 of series 1 and
2, much criticised at the time on our list, because the broadcaster had made
some cuts to important scenes to fit in adverts and silly "what was on next
week" type messages.

There's an episode list on my website: or on the excellent Anne Stallybrass & Peter
Gilmore site which is run by 2 of our list members.