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— In, "Bill" <william.whittaker1@…>

> Hello everybody, hope we are all well and getting in the mood for the
> forthcoming Christmas/New Year celebrations.
> Our household is once again starting with series 1 episode 1 of the


> Line story, really it never loses anything no matter how many time I

see it.

> It has taken something like 2 years of occasional viewing, mixed in

with all

> the other programmes we watch, to get to episode 91 "A Long Way Home"


> now we are back at the beginning again.
> Looked around on the web, still have not seen any mention of series 5


> released yet. Anyone heard anything?
> Also I'll take this opportunity to welcome new members who have joined

us in

> the last few months, please say hello and introduce yourselves.
> In fact lets hear from anyone with any comments about the Onedin Line!
> Bill.

Hi Bill — You're right about the Onedin Line story never losing
anything in the retelling — we keep watching it here in USA/PA and it
always retains our interest. I enjoy reading the postings. Had a
question for you, though. How did you get all 91 episodes? I only have
52. Also have a note for Bill Scanlan Murphy — I have always loved
the music from Spartacus. I do hope someday I'll be able to get the
rest of it including the 2 series that you worked on. Melva Lee