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>> ("Liverpudlian" is "jocular" in my Random House American dictionary, is that a word over there?)

sure it is, OED has an 1833 usage, 'puddle instead of 'pool

Please fill in the blanks, I don't know what is said

S3N13 The Passenger

Baines: The men was wondering about a sub, [what's a sub?] sir. Every
man of us ready to go ashore spruced up and jim dandy. But unless they
has a dollar to jingle, the crimps are going to entice them away with
promises of whores and brandy. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and that's the last we'll
see of them.

James: She's a fast ship. Baines is a driver.
Draygon: Glad to hear it. _ _ _ _ _ _,,Captain?
James: Open as a book. Right, what have you got for me?

Hogan: Morning Captain. Sign on as bosun.
Baines: Ryan Hogan. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ below.
Hogan: Aye aye Captain.