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Yes, I'm steering!
It's called a boom gallows and wasn't there in the first seasons worth of filming, Tony had only just got the ship seaworthy and was desperately trying to earn money to fit her out, she was bare below decks, we were sleeping on ordinary spring bedsteads screwed down to the floor!, there was no electricity, cooking was done on a coal range and we ate at a table made of long plankd fastened together with simple benches each side. The heads was nicknamed 'The Gludge' and was a wooden shed with a galvanized funnel set in a seat and a bucket on a rope to flush. it was only lashed down so could be moved either side. If you look closely you can see the companionway to the aft accomodation is plywood…..
The boom would never be that low anyway to need to duck.
Like so many land expressions that came from the sea, 'To pour oil on to troubled waters'. Oil slowly seeping out of a canvas bag towed behind a ship would create a slick which would flatten the breaking crest of a wave, messy business though!

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I see the new photo of the Soren Larsen crew standing around the wheel. R, you in there?

The photo doesn't show the "roll bar" wooden structure that is behind them in TOL, like in the last episode S8N9. Especially during the closing credits you can see that it's positioned so the end of the main mast boom could rest in one of the 3 notches on top of the "roll bar" (what's it really called?) Also the helmsman does not need to duck to avoid the swinging boom because it would hit that structure.

And in that episode (46:41) Baines calls for "oil bags" presumably to help smooth the ship's passage while Margarita is giving birth. What are oil bags and how do they help?

(I probably should have found an old thread or started a new topic sooner, there are other sailing questions answered recently in topics The Running Tide & Onedin Polls)

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