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Hello Desmond  !
In answer to your queries :-
1) I have so far only viewed Disc 1 of  the 4 discs and this was of excellent quality–unfortunately, I don't know how to extract a clip from a DVD.
2) The Dutch subtitles on my copy can be switched off.
Hope this info. is of some assistance.
Regards,  Sue

Johnny <> wrote:

Hi Sue,
   I hope you're pleased the Season 4, could you just answer me the
   1. How is the quality i.e. graininess,
colour/contrast/brightness. If anyone else has a copy of this or
Season 2/3 then a short sample clip (30 seconds or so) might be good
(or if you yourself know how the extract a clip form a DVD ?)
   2. Are the subtitles (in Dutch I presume) mandatory or can they
be switched off. I have seen Dutch imports where the subtitles
are 'burned' into the video image.

   I am asking these questions as I have given up on a UK company
releasing this terrific series. Goodness knows, the US are even
releasing Dalla, Dynasty and The Waltons which pales into
insignificance compared to this great series.



— In, SUE LEE <sue.e.lee@…>
>         My Series 4 Onedin Line DVD arrived this morning (Thurs.
27th April).  I ordered this via Ebay on 8th April (and forwarded
payment for same on that day) from the Dutch company missc_ nl.   It
seems to be in an excellent condition and I note that the Dutch
postmark was 25.4.06.
>   I live in Norfolk, England.
>   Regards,
>   Susan Lee
> Stuart Fanning <stuart.fanning@…> wrote:   …..and advise which
supplier you got them from BOL, Free Record Shop
> or some other, and what country you live in. That way others will
> an idea when to expect theirs.

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