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Hi Bill,
I don't have any info if the first episode of the Onedin Line was different from the first one in the series. Peter, Howard, Brian, Mary and Jessica were in it. Only Anne was played by Sheila Allen.
There´s a book about the work of Peter Graham Scott in which he tells that the whole first episode was remade. They weren´t aware it should become such a hit. Peter G. Scott was pleased he could ask Anne Stallybrass to do the character of Anne Onedin as he admired her already for a long time. Sheila Allen regretted afterwards she wasn´t able to do Anne´s role.
The tape is wiped as you say.
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Datum: 08/03/04 22:08:43
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I was idly scanning through the episode list that Dianna so kindly supplied
us with in the files area after completing the capture of every episode to
PC media when I wondered does anyone remembers seeing the pilot show  Drama
Playhouse - The Onedin Line  The Wind Blows Free broadcast in 1970?

Were the cast any different from those in the series and was the story
slightly different? I don't suppose there is any video of it in existence.
These were the days before the vcr made its way into our front rooms and I
know the BBC tended to wipe and reused the studio recordings to economise on

The story was slightly different in the books too, I last saw them in our
local library (and only in large print) about 12 years ago.

A bit of trivia for a wet and very hot and humid evening (well it is in NW