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> Hello shipmates,
> Can anyone please help me solve a mystery that's been bugging me
> for over a year??!!
> I love some of the incidental music used in series one and two.


> Radio Times Onedin Line magazine states that the background music


> series one to three was by Sibelius and Debussy. I have managed to
> locate several of the pieces i.e. Debussy's Petit Suite, En
> Bateau (very apt!) is used in "Blockade" when James & Anne are
> standing together on the prow as the Charlotte Rhodes approaches
> Bermuda; it's also used in series five "A Close Run
> Thing". Another lovely piece is Sibelius' Pohjola's
> Daughter ("An Inch of Candle").
> However, I have been unable to locate the music used in "'Frisco
> Bound". The piece in question is played a couple of times,
> notably in the scene when James returns home and kisses Anne on the
> quay.
> I would love to get the recording and if anyone can provide any


> to help me, I would really appreciate it. I have bought umpteen
> Sibelius and Debussy CDs but still haven't found this one piece!
> If anyone else also enjoys the music and would like to know the
> titles of some of the pieces, please e-mail me.
> Diana

Hi Diana,

Do you have details of the main theme e.g. the ensemble, the original
performers, etc? I know it's based on Khachalurian's Adagio of
Spartacus and Phrygia, but who's conducting? When was the recording
made? Surely it must be a late 60's or very early 70's recording, but
by whom? There are so many 'versions' of the 'Onedin Line Theme' out
there! Any info would be greatly appreciated,