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On 26/11/2007, at 10:49 AM, William Murphy wrote:

> I wonder how many of you know that Jessica was going to have her
> own show?

No I didn't know that, she's a wasted talent! But then she seems
happy enough pootling about in wellies on her farm. Just so different
to the furs and furbelows of Elizabeth Onedin!

> I'm just delighted to have found this group!

I'm glad that you have 🙂 It's great to hear more insights into the
filming and to realise that it was almost a lifetime ago that the
filming took place yet the show is remembered with affection by those
who worked on it. And that people who were not even born when it
aired originally are being drawn to the show via cable or DVD.
Amazing how quality lasts! 🙂

I just wish that the copyright-owners would get off their collective
butts and make the entire series available on DVD. With some
difficulty I bought the first 4 series from Holland but am still
waiting to see when if ever, there will be more. I might not live to
see it if they stuff around much longer! When I see how many shows,
many of indifferent quality, are available on DVD, I still wonder
whatever possesses the BBC to hang onto the Onedin masters and not
let anyone play with them.

With best regards

Elaine in Brisbane, Australia