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It is curious in a way, why such an outstanding series is so difficult to
obtain, or even why it is not repeated in its entirety on one of the cable

I know there have been various problems with permissions (Marc Harrison, who
played William Frazer was one I believe, but this must have been sorted out
because series with him in them have now been released) .

The DVD releases we have are mostly from the Netherlands, I wonder if this
is to do with commercial issues or copyrights?

Or could it be just the sheer scale of the story that makes TV channels
reluctant to screen it? 91 episodes must be difficult to schedule, even if
you show one per day.

What we can do is complain/ask/show an interest in the series, with various
organisations, BBC, UK TV channels, DVD companies like Memphis Bell and so
on, emailing take only a few minutes. Google will find most of the info
needed, perhaps we could post useful addresses/links on here.