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The site looks good, be nice to see it develop.

And I never realised that Brian Rawlinson was born in Stockport, so was I!

Learn something new every day 😉


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> Hi Diana,
> thanks for your interesting information about Jessica.
> I'm a great fan of the Onedin Line and – especially –
> Jessica Benton since the 70's. I think Jessica is a
> better actress than some stupid hollywood starlets 😉
> Her role as Elizabeth (Isabel in the German version)
> was really great!!!
> The Onedin Line is currently running again at German
> tv station NDR every sunday afternoon. It's one of the
> well known and most beloved 70's series and we have
> many old fans in Germany too.
> I have launch a new Onedin fan page last month.
> The site is under construction yet because I have not
> enough spare time at the moment. English version is in
> planning.
> I would like to publish many fine pictures from The
> Onedin Line. I will hope that I get no problems with
> the chaotic and unloved new German copyright law. :-((
> Greetings from Thuringia, Germany
> Mathias
> P.S.: I have upload some pics from Jessica to a new
> folder. The pics are on my website too in better
> quality. More coming soon 😉