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Hello and welcome.

Apologies for the long wait you have had before your message appeared on the
list. Technical difficulties and bad weather to blame.

Our readers in North America will be glad of the link to region 1 discs, I
know this has been a problem as PAL region 2 discs are not easily played by
the equipment on sale there.


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> I'm glad to see other people are as impressed with The Onedin Line as I
> have been!
> I've read all the messages and hope to reply to some. After seeing the
> enthusiasm and dedication of list members trying to get DVDs of the
> complete series I started skipping those messages about availability — I
> guess everybody has sources now. I just bought the 91 episode 32 DVD
> Region 1 set from sir_Arlen
> I think that's a good value at $127 + $3 postage but ask about the clipped
> end credits.
> I first saw OL about 1977 when PBS broadcast series 1 & 2 in the US. VCR's
> didn't exist then but I was such a video enthusiast I'd bought a
> reel-to-reel color video tape recorder, so I was able to record those
> episodes and I watched them so many times I practically had them
> memorized. PBS followed the 50 minute episodes with a 10 minute feature
> "The Running Tide", which was a short historical documentary about
> seafaring. The topic was often related to a theme of the OL episode.
> When Anne died I thought that was a final end. PBS stopped broadcasting
> the series ~1978, I assumed that was the end of the series. When I bought
> a VCR in 1981 I copied my OL reel tapes to VHS and kept re-watching them.
> Years later in a library glancing at an Australian newspaper I was
> thrilled to notice the TV listings — they were getting series 5!
> Then I think it was the Arts & Entertainment channel about 1990 where I
> got series 5-8 on VHS, missing only the first few episodes of series 7.
> Recently I tried copying my 30 year old VHS cassettes to DVD and realized
> how crummy my old VHS cassettes are. I still may try to recover "The
> Running Tide" (15 different topics), I thought they were very well done
> too,
> I started shopping for DVDs and quickly found the set above. Now I've seen
> series 3-4 for the first time and watched the whole series twice! So I
> may remember answers to some questions and if I think of questions I bet
> somebody out there has recently watched the relevant episodes.
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