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Just as a bit of information.

Many DVD players can be unlocked or "hacked " to play discs from any region.
Some also let you turn off Macrovision so you can copy to VHS if you want

To see if your player is one go to: and see if it is listed.

Or do a search on Google, often the manufacturer's website has instructions.

My players will now operate with DVDs from any region.

HTH Bill.

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> Hi Fiona,
> just to avoid misunderstandings: The information I gave last time was
> about SERIES THREE which is newly available on the Dutch
> The versions of series ONE and TWO are the BBC versions (episodes cut;
> two episodes missing; no separation between individual episodes).
> If you want the complete e p i s o d e s ONE to EIGHT from Series ONE:
> There is a version of these episodes for the Canadian/American market
> (available e.g. via; they consist of two parts with two
> discs each (the cover gives a wrong impression because its photo is
> obviously taken from one of the later series). They are region one, so
> you will need a multi-region dvd player.
> Hoping that I haven't caused any confusion, best wishes – Helga