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Hi Carie et al,

Thanks for your message. It's always nice to know one's efforts are
appreciated. I've still got several Dutch articles to translate –
just a lack of time in which to do this.

I contacted the BBC shop myself earlier this week and got the reply
that currently there are no plans to release further episodes on
Onedin on video/DVD – boooooo. But it doesn't hurt to keep trying –
if they realise there's a lot of interest, we might yet win them
over. And I must pester UK Gold once again!!

I have all the Radio Times issues with Onedin covers/articles (except
Drama Playhouse). These will be made available in the hopefully not
too distant future but for everyone's info now:

Series one: One page colour article
Series two: Anne & James front cover and three page article with
Series three: James, Caroline & Leonora front cover and article
including interview with Peter & the two actresses, and brief
interview with Anne
Series four: Drawing of ships on front cover and interview with
Peter including picture of James & Elizabeth
Series five: Sepia front cover of James and article
Series six: Very minor piece
Series seven: James & Soren Larsen front cover and article on the
Series eight: Article re new cast and short history of James

Bye for now