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North America is region 1, the UK is region 2 (along with some other countries).

It is not just a region issue. Most players can be unlocked to play any region, that is not the main problem.

In the UK (and most of Europe) our TV system is PAL, in the USA it is NTSC, this is nothing to do with the region a DVD is set to.

Every DVD player here I've come across can play the American system which is NTSC, indeed quite a few music concerts are NTSC region 2, one at random Marc Almond's 1992 Royal Albert Hall Concert is an example.

But from what I'm told the situation in the USA is different, as few DVD players can actually play PAL discs in a way North American TV sets can understand.

Your DVD player has to be able to understand PAL DVDs, also region 2 and 0, in order to play them on a standard North American TV (which is set up in NTSC system).

Most North American DVD players only understand NTSC system and region 1.

According to someone I know in Seattle there are three players on the US market that play Region 2 DVD's to North American TV sets.

They are:
Daewoo DVD-5800, (Daewoo DVD-5800 Code Free DVD player with built-in Video Converter is supposedly high quality at a reasonable price)
Philips DVD-642/37,
Akai DVM-9500.

I suggest you check these out with a local retailer, or do some research on the web on one of the AV forums.

The ability to play any region disc opens up a lot of opportunity and choice.

Hope this helps,


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Will the sets offered by Memphis Belle play on a region 1 dvd player ( US )

Elsie in MD


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