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I haven't seen "Frisco Bound" for over a quarter
century, but I remember that was the first episode of
that show that I watched. If I am not mistaken, during
one scene, when the riggers were on one of the top
sailing frames (from where the sails hang) while it
was windy, the music that was being played was from
the 3rd movement of Shostakovich's Symphony #5.
— Diana <> wrote:

> Hi,
> In answer to Bill's query re the Drama Playhouse
> episode, I gave a
> bit of info about it in message 19 and there's also
> more about it in
> the Onedin Line section of the Gilmore/Stallybrass
> website
> (
> The book Marianne mentions by Peter Graham Scott is
> called "British
> Television, An Insider's History". There is a whole
> chapter (25
> pages) including a few photos devoted to The Onedin
> Line and the rest
> of the book is very interesting too – there are a
> few errors. The
> book is available from Amazon (not cheap) and also
> crops up on eBay.
> PGS clearly put a lot of effort into Onedin and
> cared about the
> series. I thoroughly recommend the book to all
> Onedin fans and anyone
> interested in the history of British TV.
> And in response to braniffjetliner2002's question
> about the music,
> please see message 27 re some more pieces that were
> used. I think
> the Arnold Bax piece Marianne mentions is Norwegian
> Wood. And my
> question re the music used in `Frisco Bound' is
> still outstanding. I
> would love to know the composer and title of the
> piece so if anyone
> can help, please get in touch.
> Regards to all,
> Diana

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