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Hi all,

It's easy to get a code to make your dvd player region free.
Just search for the correct code on the internet and I'm sure you
will find it within minutes. (e.g.



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> Ron,
> You might be able to play PAL on your VCR.
> Go here:
> See if you player is listed, (also the manufacturers websites of

some DVD player have instructions on how to unlock them for any
region and PAL / NTSC playback).

> My own players will deal with any region / system now after

following the instructions.

> If you need a PAL test DVD disc to confirm it works let me know.
> HTH Bill.
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> Thanks Diana,
> A great series too bad it's not available in its
> entirety. It was broadcast in the 70s (?). It may
> not
> have been as popular in the US as in England, but I
> know I enjoyed it. Good acting and sailing ships,
> too.
> Unfortunately I can't play PAL on my VCR. Darn. I
> wonder if UK DVDs are compatible.
> Thanks again for the info.
> Ron