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Thanks Diana,
A great series too bad it's not available in its
entirety. It was broadcast in the 70s (?). It may
have been as popular in the US as in England, but I
know I enjoyed it. Good acting and sailing ships,
Unfortunately I can't play PAL on my VCR. Darn. I
wonder if UK DVDs are compatible.
Thanks again for the info.
— Diana <> wrote:

> Hi Ron,
> As stated in previous messages, set one of the BFS
> DVDs contains
> episodes one to four of series one and set two
> episodes five to
> eight. Unfortunately, this is all that's available
> in the US as far
> as I know. In Europe series one, two and three are
> currently
> available on DVD. I believe series one and two were
> also released in
> Australia by the BBC on video but I'm not positive
> about this.
> The BFS DVDs are well worth getting as these are the
> complete
> episodes as originally broadcast (all other versions
> of series one
> that I'm aware of have been cut, a few scenes quite
> drastically). If
> anyone is interested in obtaining these DVDs/videos,
> they can be
> purchased from, cduniverse, etc. and also
> via eBay but do
> check they are compatible with your equipment!
> While on the subject, I'd like to appeal to all
> Onedin Line fans to
> email BFS and ask them to release further episodes
> on DVD:
> Diana

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