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Thanks for the information.
Very annoying when an episode is missed. I have
been putting 2 episodes onto one DVD which maintains the quality very
nicely. A vast improvement on my old off-air poor quality recordings made with a
worn-out VCR and better picture quality than the commercial VHS
tape. Pity about the DOG (digital overlay graphic – in this case the
UKDrama logo) at the top of the screen and the cuts made for
important news about debt management, low cost phone call schemes, and
what's-on-later messages. Overall I find them acceptable and better than buying
the commercial release on DVD with 2 episodes missing (after buying
the VHS version I begrudge forking out again for them on DVD) and quite
watchable after all the ads have been edited out.
Which brings me around to the question, and I'm
sorry if someone has covered this before and I missed it, has anyone bought
series 3 on DVD and if so what is it like?
all the episodes on it? Again I'm sorry, but I have completely forgotten where
this was available from a search in Google failed to find it.


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The September listings have just been published and The
Onedin Line is
on throughout the month, continuing from Wind Blows Free on
31 August. 
September starts with Plain Sailing.

Weekday times
are 6.00 am, 12.00 midday, and 6.00 pm
Saturday no episode
Sunday 4
Sept: 3 episodes at 9.30, 10.30, 11.30 - repeating those
broadcast during
the previous week
Sunday 11 Sept: 5 episodes starting at 7.30 - again
repeating those
broadcast the previous week

So if you've missed any
episodes, there's another opportunity to record

Bill, Pound
and Pint is scheduled for Thursday 22 September & 10.30 on
Sunday 25 -
but the schedule isn't always