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—Im v disappointed ot find that all Im going to see are the eps that
i already have on video, i know that the videos cut an episode from the
second series – it was set during hte Seige of Paris in the Franco
Prussian War, nad I remember it when i was a child….

does anyone know if this will be included evnetaully on TV?

i watched a bit of an epsiode yesterday, (the one where they have to
live in the warehouse and I think that i saw a v breif scene which may
have been cut from the video version. anne is about to go into the
new "home" in the ware house, adn she sees an Irish beggar – clearly
she's afriad that she and James may wind up the same way. I am
wodnering if this was in teh Video version


In, "Diana" <moonroll@n…> wrote:

> Hi again,
> The August schedule for the channel was published earlier today. Bad
> news! No Onedin Line until 31 August when The Wind Blows Free is
> broadcast again.
> So it appears only series one and two are being shown at present.
> By the way, Secret Army is on again in August but I don't know if


> are the same episodes that have just been broadcast.
> Suggest the UK members contact UKTV Drama in a few weeks asking if


> other series are to be broadcast.
> D