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just a small correction as far as the "Bloody Week"
eisode is concerned: the episode is not about the French Revolution
(1789f),  but about the
days of the
"Commune" in Paris (1871) which was in fierce opostion to the new national
assembly (which was gathering in Versailles). As far as history goes, the
"Bloody Week" was the week from 21st to 28th May 1871, in which
parliamentary troops finally  and "bloodily"defeated the
As far as the timeline of the OL series is
concerned, a historian certainly needs a considerable share of
"flexibility", especially when it comes to series 4 and later ones.
But as far as that is concerned,  "poetic
licence" probably also stretches to film and TV.


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Yes, the July schedule includes both the episodes that were
cut from
the BBC/Playback videos - Cry of the Blackbird and Bloody Week
latter is about the French Revolution).

Regarding your query
about the cut, I don't know if your example was
cut, but many cuts were
made to the BBC/Playback and Dutch commercial
released videos.  A lot
were very small cuts of a few seconds here
and there, others were
longer.  A couple of examples of scenes cut: 
the scene at the
start of episode 3 where Anne is talking to her
father and holds her
wedding dress; and in episode 4 the scene near
the end involving James,
Robert and the companion in the warehouse.
The latter puts a very different
complexion on the outcome of the


--- In, "gduch2001" <gduch2001@y...>

> ---Im v disappointed ot find that all Im going to see are
the eps
> i already have on video, i know that the videos cut
an episode from
> second series - it was set during hte Seige
of Paris in the Franco
> Prussian War, nad I remember it when i was a
> does anyone know if this will be included
evnetaully on TV?
> i watched a bit of an epsiode yesterday,
(the one where they have
> live in the warehouse and I think
that i saw a v breif scene which
> have been cut from the video
version.  anne is about to go into the
> new "home" in the ware
house, adn she sees an Irish beggar -
> she's afriad that
she and James may wind up the same way.  I am
> wodnering if this
was in teh Video version
> G
>  In, "Diana" <moonroll@n...> wrote:
> Hi again,
> >
> > The August schedule for the channel
was published earlier today. 
> > news!  No Onedin
Line until 31 August when The Wind Blows Free is
> > broadcast
> >
> > So it appears only series one and two are
being shown at present.
> >
> > By the way, Secret Army is
on again in August but I don't know if
> they
> > are the
same episodes that have just been broadcast.
> >
> >
Suggest the UK members contact UKTV Drama in a few weeks asking

> the
> > other series are to be broadcast.
> >

> > D