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Yeah, I also think there will be cuts to all the episodes. What a
pain, I wanted to get the entire episodes on tape. I just hope that
UKTV Drama don't make cuts in the same places as the BBC videos.


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> Diana
> I've been editing out the adverts in episode one and inserting the

missing bits from my old vhs tapes. The difference in picture quality
is noticeable but acceptable for just the small sections that are

> You were right about the missing material, there is also a short

cut in Albert Frazer's dialog about Elizabeth with James on the ship.

> There was approximately one and a half minutes missing from the

transmitted episode. I'll see what subsequent episode are like when I
get around to it but I suspect this will be the case on all of them
to allow the time necessary time for advertising etc that has to be
squeezed into the 1 hour slot. I intend to archive them all to DVD-r

> Bill.
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> Hi,
> Did anyone else notice that UKTV Drama skipped part of the


> scene from "The Wind Blows Free"? The episode has Anne saying
> "…..
> poor bedfellows, Captain Onedin", then there's an advert break,


> the episode continues with James saying, "For richer or
> poorer …..". The piece re James having "ambition enough for an
> army of Napoleons" has been cut.
> Did any of you notice other cuts? There was one other place


> didn't seem quite right to me, again when there were adverts, but
> I
> can't recall where this occurred.
> Diana