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— In, Elaine de Saxe <coolowl@…>

> Good morning "shipmates" 😉
> Just re-bought the book by Alison McLeay 'the World of the Onedin
> Line' being the historical background woven around the series. When


> bought it originally, perhaps in the early 1980s, it was a


> then. This copy I bought online via and the seller is


> Australia. I didn't expect to find it! Who knows, there might be


> out there, lurking on the internet. Thor original of course, went
> west when I had a clean-out. Oh dear! There were no DVDs then and


> did not imagine I would ever see Onedin Line again so why keep the


> Details for those wanting to hunt it down …
> ISBN: 0 7254 0385 3, copyright Alison McLeay 1977, published in
> Australia 1977 by Ure Smith, Sydney (a division of Paul Hamlyn


> Ltd).
> It's well illustrated, well written and contains a wealth of
> knowledge about the history of the times and the cast and crew.


> well recommended for those keen to search it out.
> Best regards to you all – oh, and I had written to Memphis Belle
> asking if they were going to digitise the remainder of the series.
> Well, I don't write in Dutch so maybe they couldn't understand me


> perhaps they just don't respond to email requests. So writing to


> might be a waste of time – on the other hand … if enough people
> write, it might jerk them out of their lethargy. Just now starting
> disk 1 of series 4 and *finally* they have got the episodes named


> available for choosing rather than the Biblical system they used
> previously.
> Best regards to you all …
> Elaine in Brisbane, Australia

Hi Elaine,
I bought 2 copies of the wonderful book at, they were used
but in good condition. Too tell the truth I haven't read them yet.
The ISBN from the 2 books is 07153 73986. A good place to trade books
is at or the german version
Check out the fritos bookshelf or others from all over the world.
Greetings from Germany,