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Hi William,
Granted you had to be ruthless to make a go of a business
but he may have, in my opinion, been a little too callous,
suckering his brother for the thing–hence maybe a bit of a
jerk-maybe a heel or a cad. Though, I never saw the series
from the beginning (now I have in these 4 eps) I felt that JO
was kinda a nice guy later on. He seemed, to me, in the first eps
that he was a bit of philanderer. Don't get me wrong, I like his
character. He has guts, stamina, and a determined attitude.

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> >In my opinion JO is a bit of a ruthless jerk.
> Hi Ron,
> Well if you have not followed the story from the beginning then you

are in

> for a treat. In 1860 you need to be ruthless to succeed, I not sure

I agree

> with the jerk bit though.
> Come to think about it some things don't change much in the business
> world………..
> Bill.